At Canmore Wine Merchants we are dedicated to the enjoyment of life and all its pleasures. We also believe that great wine should be accessible to all, regardless of budget. That is why the Wines, Beers and Spirits that we bring into our Canmore, Alberta location are all pre-tasted and selected for their quality and value. Just like John West, we reject more than we accept. (Applications for Chief Product Tester are taken every weekend at our regular wine tastings).

Our focus at Canmore Wine Merchants is on the “Uncommon” as we feel there is far too much “Sameness” in our market place. Many of our products are either exclusive to us or found only in a few select locations. We also believe that as Wine is our business we should be able to talk to you about our product – part of the reason we taste everything we bring in (the other part is because we enjoy it!).

Canmore Wine Merchants is locally owned and open every day (open every day except Christmas Day and New Years Day when we are drinking wine with our families). We have bottles open for your sampling every weekend often poured by the Principal or Winemaker of the Winery. Come and join us in celebrating the “Nectar of the Gods”.

Prost, Cheers, Salud, L’Chaim, Kampai.

Canmore Wine Merchants