New Uncommon Rums

New Uncommon Rums

Canmore Wine Merchants

Compagnie des Indes Latino Rum

This rum is made to really bring out the characteristics of a Latin American Rum. They do this by blending rums from Guatemala (60%), Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Barbados. This rum is aged in new bourbon casks for a minimum of 5 years being bottled. This creates a very fresh and elegant rum with subtle hints of tropical fruit.

Ron Millonario Solera 15 Reserva Especial 

Here, a group of farmers united to trade their sugar, and to this purpose they built, at great personal sacrifice, a small refinery. The Hacienda was purchased in 1922 by the family of Peruvian landowners Piera de Castillo. In 1950, some years after the purchase of a Scottish column still, Ron Millonario was officially born and this beautiful rum came to life.